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Friday, September 5, 2014

Swimmers, divers give Conrad 1st win as coach

Xavier Prep’s swimmers and divers made a smooth transition to new head coach Kelley Conrad and presented her with her first victory on Thursday (Sept. 4) in the team’s first match at the new pool at Brophy Prep.
With a storm bearing down from the south the entire afternoon and amid sweltering conditions, the Gators outscored Phoenix Mountain Pointe (Ahwatukee) 137-46.
Former XCP coach Brian Hoffer, who retired earlier this year, was on hand to provide support.
He and the spectators watched the Gators win all but two events (including diving).
“The girls performed well for the first meet,’’ Conrad said.
“The team had a certain presence out there today. I think we all feel that the girls are already forming a strong bond and sometimes you don’t get that until later in the season. They were out there cheering for each other. There were a lot of smiling faces.’’
Did the Gators exceed Conrad’s expectations?
“I don’t think any expectation is out of reach. The girls did what they came here to do.’’
Xavier junior Allie Worrall was one of the meet’s top swimmers.
She won two individual events (50- and 100-yard freestyles) and anchored XCP’s winning efforts in the 200-yard medley relay and the 200-yard freestyle relay. Xavier finished second in the 200 medley relay at the state meet and was second overall in the team standings.
Xavier will have another home meet at Brophy against Pinnacle on Sept. 11.


Team scores – Xavier 137, Mountain Pointe 46.

200-yard medley relay – 1, Xavier (Elise Roediger, Jocelyn Jones, Quinn Blake, Allie Worrall), 1:55.29; 2, Mountain Pointe, 1:59.23; 3, Xavier (Payton Burnett, Bella Valenzuela, Andi Rolander, Aimee Hatfield), 2:03.32.
200-yard freestyle – 1, Alice Hick, Xavier, 1:58.78; 2, Madeline Rapp, Xavier, 2:04.39; 3, Lisbet Maldonado, Xavier, 2:04.96.
200-yard individual medley – 1, Grace Horvath, Mountain Pointe, 2:14.11; 2, Kaitlyn McCoy, Xavier, 2:14.21; 3, Jocelyn Jones, Xavier, 2:26.21.
50-yard freestyle – 1, Allie Worrall, Xavier, 25.57; 2, Alice Hick, Xavier, 25.67; 3, Jennifer Keenan, Xavier, 26.42.
100-yard butterfly – 1, Kaitlyn McCoy, Xavier, 1:00.69; 2, Madeline Rapp, Xavier, 1:01.54; 3, Lisbet Maldonado, Xavier, 1:05.39.
100-yard freestyle – 1, Allie Worrall, Xavier, 54.85; 2, Elise Roediger, Xavier, 55.67; 3, McKenna Raferty, Mountain Pointe, 57.00.
500-yard freestyle –1, Madeline Allen, Xavier, 5:30.24; 2, Kyle Gunzy, Xavier, 5:56.04; 3, Quyen Pham, Mountain Pointe, 5:56.53.
200-yard freestyle relay – 1, Xavier (Jocelyn Jones, Elise Roediger, Jennifer Keenan, Allie Worrall), 1:45.20; 2, Mountain Pointe, 1:48.03; 3, Xavier (Kyle Gunzy, Mary Roediger, Taylor Guthrie, Andi Rolander), 1:48.84.
100-yard backstroke – 1, Elise Roediger, Xavier, 1:03.29; 2, Payton Burnett, Xavier, 1:06.88; 3, McKenna Raferty, Mountain Pointe, 1:028.24.
100-yard breaststroke – 1, Grace Horvath, Mountain Pointe, 1:09.27; 2, Quinn Blake, Xavier, 1:16.45; 3, Jocelyn Jones, Xavier, 1:16.92.
400-yard freestyle relay – 1, Xavier (Lilly Creswick, Aimee Hatfield, Madeline Rapp, Kaitlyn McCoy), 3:46.25; 2, Xavier (Madeline Allen, Lisbet Maldonado, Logan Williams, Hailey Schramm), 4:00.80; 3, Mountain Pointe, 4:15.09.
1-meter diving – 1, Serena Sedillo, Xavier, 249.95 points; 2, Libby Decker, Xavier, 185.70; 3, Jessica Kuretich, Xavier, 148.90.

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