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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Xavier teams continue to work hard

Xavier sports teams have been busy this week.
The swim and dive team defeated Phoenix Arcadia 119-67 on Tuesday (Sept. 23) at a meet at Eldorado Park in Scottsdale. The freshman tennis team lost to host Tempe Corona del Sol on Tuesday 6-3. And the varsity and JV badminton teams defeated host Corona del Sol on Monday (Sept. 22) 8-1 and 9-0.
The swimmers and divers return to action on Oct. 2 against Mesa Mountain View at the Brophy pool. Badminton was due to play at home against Tempe McClintock on Wednesday (Sept. 24). And frosh tennis will play on Sept. 30 at Tempe Marcos de Niza.

Swimming-diving results

200-yard medley relay – Xavier (Kaitlyn McCoy, Jocelyn Jones, Elise Roediger, Aimee Hatfield) 1;54.70; Arcadia, 1:55.64; Xavier (Payton Burnett, Mary Roediger, Jaqueline Winston, Jennifer Keenan) 2:00.53.
200-yard freestyle – Milewski (A) 2:02.06; Allie Worrall (X) 2:02.55; Madeline Rapp (X) 2:03.88.
200-yard individual medley – Carlson (A) 2:14.43; Kaitlyn McCoy (X) 2:18.89; Alice Hick (X) 2:20.09.
50-yard freestyle – Aimee Hatfield (X) 25.33; Lilly Creswick (X) 25.85; Allie Worrall (X) 26.16.
100-yard butterfly – Harrison (A) 1:00.32; Elise Roediger (X) 1:01.45; Madeline Rapp (X) 1:02.44.
100-yard freestyle – Carlson (A) 54.88; Aimee Hatfield (X) 55.45; Lisbet Maldonado (X) 57.62.
500-yard freestyle – Lilly Creswick (X) 5:20.10; Milewski (A) 5:22.41; Alice Hick (X) 5:27.93.
200-yard freestyle relay – Xavier (Allie Worrall, Alice Hick, Lilly Creswick, Aimee Hatfield) 1:45.00; Xavier (Thea Cartier, Hailey Schramm, Madison Rapp, Lisbet Maldonado) 1:49.37; Arcadia, 1:58.55
100-yard backstroke – Harrison (A) 59.64; Elise Roedgier (X) 1:06.70; Payton Burnett (X) 1:07.88.
100-yard breaststroke – Jocelyn Jones (X) 1:13.40; Mary Roediger (X) 1:14.17; Xavier (swimmer not listed), 1:17.27.
Diving – Libby Decker (X); Jessica Kuretich (X); Olhausen (X).
400-yard freestyle relay – Xavier (Lisbet Maldonado, Allie Worrall, Alice Hick, Lilly Creswick) 3:46.51; Xavier (Elise Roediger, Kaitlyn McCoy, Madeline Rapp, Jennifer Keenan) 3:48.99; Arcadia, 3:55.88.

Freshman tennis results

No. 1 singles – Caroline Armknecht (X) def. Katie Panppoulas (CDS) 8-0.
No. 2 singles – Madelyn Corley (X) def. Jocelyn Zhu (CDS) 8-3.
No. 3 singles – Maria Monaco (CDS) def. Aubrey Polk (X) 8-5.
No. 4 singles – Sureya Yarra (CDS) def. Mimi Zurbriggen (X) 8-5.
No. 5 singles – Suda Sidique (CDS) def. Lucy Vietor (X) 8-4.
No. 6 singles – Priya Varra (CDS) def. Rose Larkin (X) 8-3.

No. 1 doubles – Armknecht-Corley (X) def. Panppoulas-Zhu (CDS) 8-3.
No. 2 doubles – Monaco-Yarra (CDS) def. Polk-Vietor (X) 9-7.
No. 3 doubles – Sidique-Varra (CDS) def. Zurbriggen-Larkin (X) 8-1.

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