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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frosh tennis splits two matches

The XCP freshman tennis team divided its forces on Wednesday (Oct. 1), falling in a close match to Tempe Corona del Sol 5-4 and recording an 8-1 triumph over Scottsdale Desert Mountain.
The Gators were due to play on Thursday (Oct. 2) at Scottsdale Notre Dame Prep.
Results . . .

Tempe Corona del Sol 5, Xavier Prep 4

No. 1 singles – Jocelyn Zhu (C) def. Carolina Armknecht (X) 8-6.
No. 2 singles – Madelyn Corley (X) def. Maria Manog (C) 8-1.
No. 3 singles – Shreya Varra (C) def. Audrey Polk (X) 8-1.
No. 4 singles – Lucy Vietor (X) def. Suraya Sioique (C) 8-4.
No. 5 singles –Isabella Gordon (X) def. Priya Varra (C) 8-3.
No. 6 singles – Olivia Harris (C) def. Bisola Ojeniyi (X) 8-4.

No. 1 doubles – Armknecht-Corley (X) def. Zhu-Sioique (C) 8-1.
No. 2 doubles – Manaog-Varra (C) def. Vietor-Polk (X) 8-6.
No. 3 doubles – Varra-Harris (C) def. Gordon-Ojeniyi (X) 8-1.

Xavier Prep 8, Scottsdale Desert Mountain 1

No. 1 singles – Mimi Zurbriggen (X) def. Jordon Brown (DM) 8-4.
No. 2 singles – Camilla Sato (DM) def. Rose Larkin (X) 8-3.
No. 3 singles – Sophie Schumaker (X) def. Tala Araghi (DM) 8-5.
No. 4 singles – Katie Shyman (X) def. Autumn Gee (DM) 8-0.
No. 5 singles – Eden Steinhilber (X) def. Emily Bues (DM) 8-1.
No. 6 singles – Xavier won by forfeit.

No. 1 doubles – Tia Kelly-Rebecca Cardon (X) def. Brown-Gee (DM) 8-2.
No. 2 doubles – Amelia Connelly-Isabel Wirth (X) def. Sato-Araghi (DM) 8-6.
No. 3 doubles – Xavier won by forfeit.

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