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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Swimmers struggle, then catch "Fever'

The XCP swim-dive team struggled in a dual meet against Scottsdale Chaparral at Brophy Prep on Oct. 9, then came back for a solid showing in the Saturday Night Fever event at Chandler High on Oct. 11.
The Chandler event was broken down into races according to year in school, except for relays.
Here are the results, starting with the Chaparral meet . . .

Thursday, Oct. 9
Scottsdale Chaparral 116, Xavier College Prep 68.
200-yard medley relay – Chaparral “A,’ 1:50.46; Xavier “A,’ 1:50.91; Chaparral “B,’ 1:53.23.
200-yard freestyle – Chaparral “A,’ 1:51.61; Alice Hick, XCP, 1:58.05; Kyle Gunzy, XCP, 2:00.07.
200-yard individual medley – Chaparral “B,’ 2:11.46; Kaitlyn McCoy, XCP, 2:15.05; Chaparral “A,’ 2:15.62.
50-yard freestyle – Aimee Hatfield, XCP, 24.38; Chaparral “A,’ 24.77; Allie Worrall, XCP, 25.33.
100-yard butterfly – Chaparral “B,’ 58.11; Chaparral “A,’ 58.12; Chaparral “C,’ 59.12.
100-yard freestyle – Aimee Hatfield, XCP, 54.11; Allie Worrall, XCP, 54.53; Chaparral “A,’ 54.64.
500-yard freestyle – Chaparral “A,’ 5:03.65; Chaparral “C,’ 5:13.64; Chaparral “B,’ 5:17.14.
200-yard freestyle relay – Chaparral “A,’ 1:38.48; Xavier “A,’ 1:40.40; Xavier “B,’ 1:45.14.
100-yard backstroke – Chaparral “A,’ 59.84; Chaparral “B,’ 1:00.86; Chaparral “D,’ 1:01.50.
100-yard breaststroke – Chaparral “A,’ 1:08.92; Chaparral “B,’ 1:12.25; Jocelyn Jones, XCP, 1:13.14.
400-yard freestyle relay – Chaparral “A,’ 3:35.40; Xavier “A,’ 3:41.01; Chaparral “B,’ 3”43.55.
1-meter diving – Serena Sedillo, XCP, 243.15; Samantha Marks, C, 233.40; Jessica Kuretich, XCP, 228.70.

Saturday, Oct. 11
Saturday Night Fever at Chandler High
200-yard medley relay – Third place, Xavier (Payton Burnett, Jocelyn Jones, Andi Rolander, Alice Hick) 1:57.32.
200-yard freestyle (juniors) – Third place, Allie Worrall, XCP, 1:58.72.
200-yard individual medley (sophomores) – Second place, Quinn Blake, XCP, 2:18.48; Third place, Jocelyn Jones, XCP, 2:22.14.
50-yard freestyle (juniors) – Third place, Hailey Schramm, XCP, 26.40.
50-yard freestyle (seniors) – First place, Aimee Hatfield, XCP, 24.40.
100-yard butterfly (juniors) – Third place, Lisbet Maldonado, XCP, 1:03.05.
100-yard butterfly (seniors) – Second place, Andi Rolander, XCP, 1:02.43.
500-yard freestyle (juniors) – Second place, Alice Hick, XCP, 5:16.94.
500-yard freestyle (seniors) – Second place, Madeline Allen, XCP, 5:17.23.
200-yard freestyle relay – First place, Xavier (Allie Worrall, Lilly Creswick, Lisbet Maldonado, Aimee Hatfield), 1:41.44.
100-yard backstroke (freshmen) – Second place, Kate Hubbard, XCP, 1:06.35.
100-yard backstroke (sophomores) – Third place, Quinn Blake, XCP, 1:05.29.
100-yard breaststroke (freshmen) – Tie for first place, Mary Roediger, XCP, 1:11.70.
100-yard breaststroke (sophomores) – First place, Jocelyn Jones, XCP, 1:10.03.
400-yard freestyle relay – Second place, Xavier (Allie Worrall, Alice Hick, Lilly Creswick, Aimee Hatfield), 3:43.73.

The Gators’ final regular season match will be Nov. 1 against numerous schools at Brophy Prep.

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