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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chaparral lacrosse puzzle not easy to solve

Xavier’s lacrosse team just can’t seem to solve the mystery that is Scottsdale Chaparral.
The Gators entered their Monday night (April 13) rematch at Petznick Field hoping to atone for an 18-9 setback to the Firebirds on their home field on Feb. 26.
XCP was unable to accomplish its objective.
The Gators had a 4-1 lead in the first half, but later were stunned by a 12-0 run by Chaparral, leading to a 24-11 Chaparral triumph.
Chaparral climbed to 10-1 and Xavier fell to 9-2, its only losses coming to Chaparral.
As it did in the first meeting, Chaparral used its speed and longer reach to convert passes into goals.
Hailey Lavelle had eight goals to lead the Firebirds. Logan Hicks, who scored 12 goals in the first meeting, chipped in with seven this time around.
Areta Buness had four goals to lead Xavier and Kayla Swanson had three.
Xavier next travels to Chandler Hamilton for a game on Thursday night (April 16) at 7. Xavier defeated Hamilton 10-8 on March 30 at Petznick Field.

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