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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Former XCP golf star now leads ASU team

When Missy Farr-Kaye and her sister, Heather Farr, were trying to figure out which high school to attend and play golf, they stopped by Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix. That was more than 35 years ago.
They liked what they saw, felt comfortable there and thus began a successful athletic and academic collaboration with the Gators.
Heather and Missy combined for four state individual championships and Xavier was well on its way to dominance on the golf course, one that continues to this day.
Missy went on to help Arizona State win the NCAA Championship in 1990 and Heather became a budding star before cancer took her way too soon, in 1993.
Now Farr-Kaye has a new job title, as head womens golf coach at ASU. She will be entering her 14th season this fall in Tempe, first as an assistant and later associate head coach before replacing Melissa Luellen, who went on to become the head coach at Auburn.

Xavier alumnus Missy Farr-Kaye, recently named the head women's golf coach at Arizona State. (Photo courtesy of ASU).
 Long-time Xavier golf coach and athletic director Sr. Lynn Winsor remains a big influence on Farr-Kaye, as does former ASU coach Linda Vollstedt.
“Working with Sr. Lynn and being at Xavier were a huge part of my development,’’ Farr-Kaye said recently. “Sr. Lynn is one of a kind. They broke the mold when they made her. I’m fortunate to still have her in my life.
“Sr. Lynn is competitive, but she teaches you how to win graciously. Few people want to win more than she does. She is a woman of faith. I take many of those things she taught me and apply them to my own coaching today.’’
Farr-Kaye has three children, all boys, ages 22, 17 and 11.
“Sr. Lynn was joking, “You couldn’t just get me one girl?’ ’’ Farr-Kaye said, laughing.
Farr-Kaye and her sister played one year together. Farr-Kaye’s 30th reunion is coming up, and one of her good friends posted a prom picture of Farr-Kaye on her Facebook page.
Farr-Kaye’s reaction? You know how you can look at something from a long time ago and cringe?
“Ugh,’’ she said.
She has been playing golf since age 7 and would like to get back on the course to swing the clubs, “but I don’t get to play as much as I’d like.’’
Having excellence in the classroom at Xavier was just as important to Farr-Kaye as doing well on the golf course. She urges current and future Gators to feel the same way.
What would she tell young girls who are considering attending XCP as she once did?
“Xavier is a wonderful place, but you have to be ready to work hard,’’ she said. “You also need to have an outlet to enjoy, whether it’s golf, choir, speech and debate . . . you just have to be ready to put the time in.’’

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