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Monday, September 28, 2015

Swim-dive finishes 2nd, ready to co-host invitational

Xavier Prep’s swimmers and divers tuned up for this weekend’s Xavier-Brophy Invitational with a strong second-place finish in the Phoenix Country Day School Eagle Invitational on Friday (Sept. 25) and Saturday (Sept. 26) at PCDS.
Xavier scored 101 points. Scottsdale Chaparral won the meet with 133 points, and Phoenix Veritas Prep finished third with 100.
Xavier’s best finish came in the 200-yard freestyle relay, good enough for third place. Contributing to the 1:42.82 time were junior Jocelyn Jones, senior Alice Hick, junior Quinn Blake and sophomore Mary Roediger.
Another Gator team finished eighth with a time of 1:45.23 in that relay, comprised of senior Jennifer Keenan, senior Jaqueline Winston, freshman Clare Carlson and senior Lisbet Maldonado.
Other events . . .
200-yard freestyle – senior Alice Hick 1:57.73 (5th), senior Madeline Rapp 2:02.64 (12th), freshman Maggie Hall 2:12.34 (24th) and freshman Helena Valenzuela 2:12.88 (25th).
200-yard individual medley – senior Jennifer Keenan 2:15.82 (9th), junior Quinn Blake 2:19.64 (17th), and freshman Nine LaFave 2:48.65 (41st).
200-yard medley relay – XCP was fourth in 1:53.33. Swimmers were sophomore Kaitlyn McCoy, senior Madeline Rapp, junior Jocelyn Jones and freshman Izzy Gomez.
50-yard freestyle – sophomore Mary Roediger 25.51 (8th), junior Jocelyn Jones 25.61 (9th), senior Jaqueline Winston 25.87 (11th), senior Jennifer Keenan 25.88 (12th), senior Hailey Schramm 25.89 (13th), freshman Izzy Gomez 26.64 (19th), freshman Clare Carlson 26.65 (20th), and junior Maddie Campbell 28.49 (49th).
100-yard butterfly – sophomore Kaitlyn McCoy 59.50 (7th), senior Madeline Rapp 1:00.34 (11th), senior Jaqueline Winston 1:02.88 (19th) and sophomore Kate Hubbard 1:03.35 (20th).
100-yard freestyle – senior Alice Hick 55.03 (6th), senior Lisbet Maldonado 55.85 (10th), freshman Izzy Gomez 57.47 (16th), senior Hailey Schramm 57.89 (19th), freshman Clare Carlson 58.91 (23rd) and senior Mackenzie Christensen 1:04.01 (50th).
500-yard freestyle – senior Lisbet Maldonado 5:54.95 (20th).
100-yard backstroke – sophomore Kaitlyn McCoy 1:00.25 (8th), junior Quinn Blake 1:02.92 (16th), sophomore Kate Hubbard 1:05.08 (23rd) and sophomore Nicole Johnson 1:08.50 (34th).
100-yard breaststroke – sophomore Mary Roediger 1:09.89 (5th), junior Jocelyn Jones 1:10.17 (6th), sophomore Taylor Guthrie 1:17.80 (23rd) and sophomore Alexandra Perez 1:20.58 (32nd).
400-yard freestyle relay – Xavier had two teams. The first won finished fifth at 3:43.62. Swimmers were sophomore Kaitlyn McCoy, senior Lisbet Maldonado, senior Alice Hick and senior Madeline Rapp. The second finished eighth at 3:51.16. Swimmers were senior Jennifer Keenan, freshman Clare Carlson, junior Quinn Blake and senior Hailey Schramm.
Xavier also did well in the 1-meter diving event. Freshman Alyssa Largay was fourth with 326.95 points, senior Libby Decker was fifth with 311.95, freshman Molly Cahill was 14th with 262 and freshman Talle Donley was 15th with 256.80.
Brophy was the top boys team in the PCDS Eagle Invitational. The Broncos and Xavier will host the Xavier-Brophy Swim and Dive Invitational this weekend at the Brophy pool. Diving is Friday (Oct. 2) at 8 a.m. and swimming is Saturday (Oct. 3) at 10 a.m.

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