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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Early success fuels XCP frosh tennis

Why does Xavier Prep have such a strong varsity tennis program?
It is because the girls start playing at a young age and continue to refine their skills when they become Gators.
Coach Laurie Martin’s no-cut freshman program appears to be flourishing once again in 2016.
The Gators’ “Blue’’ team faced Gilbert Perry at the Stark Tennis Center on Wednesday (Sept. 7) and earned a 9-0 victory.
The Blue team was due to face Chandler Basha at XCP on Thursday (Sept. 8) with the “White’’ team traveling to Perry.
Xavier lists 73 players on 10 color-coded teams. The players range in skill level from those with experience to some learning the game for the first time. The top players represent XCP on the Blue and the White.
Results from the Blue win over Perry . . .

Lorelei Glidden won 8-0.
Jessica Mirmelli won 8-1.
Kate Greene won 8-0.
Phoebe Ransco won 8-0.
Lindsley Gifford won 8-0.
Ashton Foster won 8-0.

Glidden-Mirmelli won 8-1.
Greene-Ransco won 8-0.
Gifford-Foster won 8-0.

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