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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xavier runners ready for annual Conley meet

Nineteen Xavier Prep runners are scheduled to compete in the annual Doug Conley Invitational on Saturday (Sept. 24) at the Shalimar Golf Course in Tempe.
The event is scheduled to have 65 teams and will be divided into three groups – the non-varsity (7:15 a.m.) the invitational (8:15) and the elite (9:15).
The non-varsity lists 515 entries, and 12 of those are from Xavier.
They are sophomore Karli Baker, freshman Mikayla Chavez, senior Elizabeth Hall, sophomore Natalia Hiler, freshman Hannah Phillippi, freshman Isabella Risser, sophomore Aspen Schaffer, sophomore Arden Smith, sophomore Katherine Thomas, freshman Grace Valandra, sophomore Josie Venezia and sophomore Megan Woodbury.
The invitational lists 211 entries, seven from Xavier.
They are junior Abbie Conrad, senior Pamela Ebenroth, sophomore Karina Hawkins, freshman Kristen Keeble, junior Annika Nielson, freshman Mia Olsen and sophomore Karina Smith.
There are 145 entries in the elite group, but none from Xavier at this time.

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