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Saturday, September 24, 2016

XCP badminton team still going strong

Great tournament for Gator badminton. From left, Tatum Clarke, Annie Kamps, Kiana Valentova-Macdonald, Alexa Wolfson, Emily Woodrow, Maddie Reinhart. (Photo courtesy of Susan Contreras).
 The Xavier Prep badminton team completed its busy week with a strong effort in the Forner Invitational at Phoenix Sunnyslope on Saturday (Sept. 24).
According to coach Sue Contreras, the format of this tournament is a bit different from others.
All of the No. 1 singles play each other, followed by the No. 2’s, No. 3’s and so on through the six singles groups. Then the same format kicks in with doubles, nos. 1, 2 and 3.
Xavier results
No. 1 Division – Tatum Clarke, third place.
No. 2 Division – Emily Woodrow, first place.
No. 3 Division – Annie Kamps, first place.
No. 4 Division – Kiana Valentova-Macdonald, second place.
No. 5 Division – Maddie Reinhart, second place.
No. 6 Division – Alexa Wolfson, first place.
No. 1 Division – Woodrow-Valentova-Macdonald third place.
No. 2 Division – Clarke-Kamps first place.
No. 3 Division – Reinhart-Wolfson, second place.
Xavier has a home match on Thursday (Sept. 29) against Chandler High, then is another invitational at Glendale Independence on Oct. 1.

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