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Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's a blog for dogs -- at least for one day

Xavier Prep faculty, staff and students got to spend time on Thursday (June 1) in a park-like setting with some of their favorite dogs.
The annual Dog Daze event had the canines on display with a Disney theme.
Sue Roth, who began the event 15 years ago and on Friday (June 2) will retire from her post as an athletic department assistant, read off the names of more than a dozen dogs and their owners and how they were tied to this year’s theme.
Students took a break from their summer-school classes to relax and view the proceedings under the shady canopy of trees and cool grass in the school’s back courtyard.
One of the more popular dogs was a 4-year-old English bulldog named Calder. With faculty member Nathan Ward, his owner, in tow, Calder snuffed and snorted and panted his way through the group of admirers.

Calder takes a stroll with his owner, faculty member Nathan Ward. (Photos by Don Ketchum).
 A well-mannered and one of the oldest pooches was 14-year-old Ranger, a combination German/Australian shepherd owned by XCP director of guidance resources Yonghee Grinstead.

Ranger mellows out after his trip through the crowd.
 Roth paid tribute to two late former staff members, who helped her keep the event going through the years – associate athletic director Sr. Nancy Perlick and information technology director Jeanne Donnelly.

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