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Monday, October 2, 2017

Swimmers, divers complete exceptional week

Xavier Prep’s swimming and diving team honored their late coach, Maureen “Mo’’ Rankin, with a second-place finish among Division I and II teams in the Phoenix Country Day School Eagle Invite on Saturday (Sept. 30).

On Thursday (Sept. 28), Xavier scored a dominating 124-62 victory over Phoenix Pinnacle at the Brophy pool.

And catching up with the Brophy-Xavier Invitational on Sept. 23 at Brophy, the Gators finished a strong second.

Here are the Xavier results for the three meets . . .

Phoenix Country Day School Eagle Invite

Sept. 29-30 at Phoenix Country Day School

Division I-II team scores – Scottsdale Chaparral 228, Xavier Prep 128, Phoenix Arcadia 88 ½, Mesa Mountain View 49, Scottsdale Notre Dame Prep 21, Phoenix Sandra Day O’Connor 18, Buckeye Verrado 10, Gilbert Perry 7, Mesa Dobson 4, Phoenix Sunnyslope 1 ½.

200-yard medley relay – XCP “A’’ 2nd, 1:49.65 (Kaitlyn McCoy, Paola Guerra, Olivia Paliscak, Mary Roediger). XCP “B’’ 7th, 1:57.07 (Sydney Millane, Regan Gunzy, Kate Hubbard, Thea Cartier).

200-yard freestyle – Maddie Wright 4th, 1:58.81; Carlie Herrmann 8th, 2:01.56; Kelly Scott 11th, 2:02.82; Izzy Gomez 16th, 2:06.59.

200-yard individual medley – Kaitlyn McCoy 1st, 2:06.69; Mia Rankin 5th, 2:09.29; Vica Dow 8th, 2:14.61; Kate Hubbard 16th, 2:21.23.

50-yard freestyle – Mary Roediger 1st, 24.52; Thea Cartier 13th (tie), 26.11; Sydney Millane 13th (tie), 26.11; Nicole Johnson 18th, 26.39; Emma Sharp 19th, 26.44; Anna Leone 21st, 26.59; Kyle Gunzy 24th, 26.77.

100-yard butterfly – Olivia Paliscak 4th, 1:00.14; Haley Hubbard 5th, 1:01.54; Gracie Schumacher 13th, 1:03.32; Taylor Guthrie 18th, 1:05.73.

100-yard freestyle – Maddie Wright 10th, 55.77; Sydney Millane 14th, 56.20; Jordan Herrera 19th, 57.16; Taylor Guthrie 21st, 57.37; Thea Cartier 22nd, 57.61; Morgan Brown 31st, 1:01.51.

500-yard freestyle – Carlie Herrmann 7th, 5:22.83; Jordan Herrera 10th, 5:31.77; Izzy Gomez 13th, 5:41.41.

200-yard freestyle relay – XCP “A” 4th, 1:41.28 (Kelly Scott, Mary Roediger, Vica Dow, Thea Cartier). XCP “B’’ 7th, 1:44.34 (Kyle Gunzy, Sydney Millane, Jordan Herrera, Izzy Gomez).

100-yard backstroke – Kaitlyn McCoy 1st, 56.94; Vica Dow 6th, 1:01.70; Kelly Scott 14th, 1:05.56; Kate Hubbard 15th, 1:06.43.

100-yard breaststroke – Mary Roediger 2nd, 1:06.54; Paola Guerra 4th, 1:08.56; Mia Rankin 7th, 1:10.09; Regan Gunzy 13th, 1:12.38.

400-yard freestyle relay – XCP “A” 2nd, 3:38.75 (Kelly Scott, Vica Dow, Maddie Wright, Kaitlyn McCoy). XCP “B’’ 5th, 3:44.91 (Olivia Paliscak, Mia Rankin, Paola Guerra, Izzy Gomez).

1-meter diving (Friday, Sept. 29) – Alyssa Largay 4th, 372.45; Madeline Sewell 6th, 357.30; Molly Cahill 10th, 301.95.

Dual meet vs. Phoenix Pinnacle

Thursday, Sept. 28, at Brophy Pool

Team scores – Xavier 124, Pinnacle 62

Medley relay – XCP.

200-yard freestyle – Vica Dow (Soph.), XCP.

100-yard freestyle – Dow, XCP.

200-yard individual medley – Paola Guerra (Fr.), XCP.

50-yard freestyle – Mary Roediger (Sr.), XCP.

100-yard breaststroke – Roediger, XCP.

100-yard butterfly – Katie McCoy (Sr.), XCP.

100-yard backstroke – McCoy, XCP.

500-yard freestyle –  Mia Rankin (Fr.), XCP.

200-yard freestyle relay – XCP (Fr. Kelly Scott, Roediger, Sr. Sr. Thea Cartier, Dow).

400-yard freestyle relay – XCP (Scott, Dow, Soph. Maddie Wright, McCoy).

Diving – Talle Donley (Jr.), XCP.

Brophy-Xavier Invitational

Sept. 23 @ Brophy Pool

Girls team scores – Scottsdale Chaparral 461, Xavier Prep 398, Phoenix Pinnacle 180, Peoria Sunrise Mountain 143, Scottsdale Notre Dame Prep 135, Tucson Catalina Foothills 115, Peoria Liberty 111, Chandler Hamilton 108, Gilbert Campo Verde 88, Tucson Ironwood Ridge 77, Gilbert High 65, Phoenix Sunnyslope 56, Scottsdale Prep 53, Tucson Salpointe Catholic 50, Phoenix Paradise Valley 43, Mesa High 35, Glendale Mountain Ridge 29, Chandler Basha 28, Phoenix Veritas Prep 27, Flagstaff High 23, Surprise Valley Vista 22, Gilbert Perry 21, Cave Creek Cactus Shadows 21, Tempe Corona del Sol 12, Cottonwood Mingus 6, Peoria Centennial 6, Phoenix Mountain Pointe 4, Goodyear Millennium 3, Glendale Ironwood 3, Surprise Shadow Ridge 2.

Xavier results

200-yard medley relay – Xavier 2nd (Katie McCoy, Paola Guerra, Olivia Paliscak, Mary Roediger), 1:48.06.

200-yard freestyle – Vica Dow 3rd, 1:58.60; Maddie Wright 8th, 2:00.99; Jordan Herrera 10th, 2:02.02; Carlie Hermann, 11th, 2:02.32.

200-yard individual medley – Mia Rankin 4th, 2:14.21; Sydney Millane, 2:15.98; Gracie Schumacher 27th, 2:27.29.

50-yard freestyle – Mary Roediger 3rd, 24.67; Kelly Scott  12th, 25.37; Olivia Paliscak 13th, 25.59; Thea Cartier 22nd, 26.28.

100-yard butterfly – Kaitlyn McCoy 1st, 57.30; Olivia Paliscak 7th, 1:00.55; Haley Hubbard 13th, 1:01.82; Taylor Guthrie 25th, 1:04.40.

100-yard freestyle – Vica Dow 3rd, 54.71; Maddie Wright 12th, 55.96; Kelly Scott 15th, 56.07; Paola Guerra 16th, 56.15.

500-yard freestyle – Mia Rankin 3rd, 5:09.32; Jordan Herrera 13th, 5:25.44; Carlie Hermann 14th, 5:27.72; Izzy Gomez, 26th, 5:41.58.

200-yard freestyle relay – Xavier 2nd, (Kelly Scott, Thea Cartier, Vica Dow, Mary Roediger).

100-yard backstroke – Kaitlyn McCoy 2nd, 59.04; Sydney Millane 6th, 1:00.70; Morgan Brown 23rd, 1:06.99.

100-yard breaststroke – Mary Roediger 2nd, 1:07.63; Paola Guerra 6th, 1:08.30; Regan Gunzy 22nd, 1:12.72; Kyle Gunzy 36th, 1:17.13.

400-yard freestyle relay – Xavier 1st (Kelly Scott, Vica Dow, Katie McCoy, Maddie Wright).

1-meter diving – Alyssa Largay 1st, 386.90; Madeline Sewell, 5th, 346.25; Molly Cahill 7th, 335.85; Talle Donley 9th, 323.00.

Next meet – The Gators will be back in action on Thursday (Oct. 5) against Mesa Mountain View at the Kino Aquatic Center in Mesa.

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