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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New seniors will be ready to roll in 2018-19

The XCP Files recently profiled the graduating senior athletes from 2017-18.

Now we pass the torch to an outstanding group of juniors who will be stepping in as seniors in 2018-19 and assuming leadership roles in addition to showing their athletic abilities.

Here are names taken from the 2017-18 sports rosters – we hope to see all in uniform in the new school year after tryouts are completed.

Go Gators!!

Badminton – Misaal Irfan.

Cross Country – Karina Hawkins, Helen Innes, Karina Smith, Josie Venezia, Arden Smith, Katherine Thomas, Megan Woodbury.

Golf – Emily Cons, Eve Worden, Laura Lu, Holly Otlewski.

Swim-Dive – Molly Cahill, Alyssa Largay, Talle Donley, Clare Carlson, Izzy Gomez, Maggie Hull, Cat Worth.

Hotshots (target shooting) – Lindsay Armstrong, Janeth Arvizu-Rivera, Hailey Infante, Ava Koehler de Celaya, Chloe Porter, Loralai Ramirez, Riley Simms, Rileigh Walsh.

Volleyball – Trinity Cavanaugh, Shannon Shields, Ashley Yeung, Hayley Nash, Kate Spellman, Jennelle Yarwood.

Basketball – Cara Coffman, Truly Helton, Leilani McIntosh, Bianca Nava, Addie Putnam, Paris Rasheed-Moore.

Soccer – Karla Alvadado-Lopez, Izzy Culver-Witt, Kyla Ferry, Katie McGee.

Gatorline – Sarah Byrne, Abby Jones, Tatum Pylman, Meade Schraff.

Spiritline – Kennedy Brown, Megan Gleason, Katie Holmes, Addy Livingston, Alexis Mullard,  Renee Pierson, Sara Reck, Monique Shilliday, Kate Warner, Savannah Wasson.

Crew (rowing) – Rachel Chung, Maeve Lee, Maddie Wickers.

Mountain Biking – Lulu Castro, Yacinta Irakoze, Isabella Plumb.

Lacrosse (club) – Grace Martinez, Sarah Minton, Emma Tawney, Izzy Mancilla, Alexa Wear.

Softball – Makynlee Blodgett-Schmidt, Analisa Roman, Kylie Rodgers.

Track & Field – Karli Baker, Gisselle Bojorquez, Molly Cahill, Taylor Davis, Leila Grant, Abby Hamad, Karina Hawkins, Natalia Hiler, Janna Hynds, Helen Innes, Maeve Jones, Johnnie Mitchell, Mariah Morales, Kolbe Pierce, Jada Sims, Arden Smith, Karina Smith, Katherine Thomas, Josie Venezia, Megan Woodbury.

Tennis – Tristanne Dechoux, Emily Good, Kate Stegman.

Beach Volleyball – Trinity Cavanaugh, Emily Conn, Cassie Kuhler, Lauren Lykins, Lydia Rush, Shea Sciarappo, Shannon Shields.

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