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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sr. Lynn is HOF candidate -- cast your vote

If you are searching for a candidate who completely embodies a person who should be elected to the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame, look no further than Xavier Prep’s own Vice Principal for Activities and Athletic Director Sr. Lynn Winsor.

The Hall of Fame currently is in a voting campaign for 2018. Sr. Lynn is among several candidates who are eligible. Read on and find out how to cast your ballot.

Not many are Arizona through and through, as she is. She is a graduate of XCP, received her college degree from Arizona State and came back to Xavier in 1974 as a teacher, and in 1977 became the school’s VP for Activities and AD.

Sr. Lynn Winsor
She coached several sports upon joining the XCP staff, but she dug her heels in on the golf course and guided the Gators to a national-record 35 state championships, including seven in a row. Several of her golfers have gone on to the college/professional ranks.

Among her awards are National High School Athletic Director of the Year, National Golf Coach of the Year (twice) and the National Award of Merit. She also was a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s Executive Board.

Here is how to vote for the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame . . .

Go to the organization’s Web site, On the left side of the page, there is a spot you can click to get a ballot. The ballot will have two full columns of candidates. They are listed alphabetically and she will be on the right side, under S for “Sister.’’ Hit the button that says “Submit’’ and you are done. It is an easy way to support and recognize her and the school.

Voters are allowed only one vote. Selectors can mark as many candidates they believe are worthy, but only are allowed to vote once.

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