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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Annual coaches meeting again proves productive

The Xavier Prep coaching staff, from freshman all the way up through varsity, had its annual meeting on Saturday (June 2). Coaches from all sports attended the eight-hour session at Founders Hall.

Athletic director Sr. Lynn Winsor opened the proceedings with a prayer and overview of her successful and well-respected stable of teams.

Winsor and her staff, including associate AD Tui Selvaratnam, Susan Contreras and Ronna Layne, went over a number of subjects in the school’s Coaches Handbook. Some coaches stepped to the podium to update colleagues on details of their sport.

Some subjects that drew attention were the sports philosophies of the Diocese of Phoenix, online education for coaches, such as fundamentals of coaching and concussions, the concussion-related Brainbook video, the importance of physicals, and working with parents.

Coaches listened to a report by beach volleyball athlete Abby Converse, who recently was named as XCP’s representative on the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s Student Leadership Committee.

Sports Web site guru Chris Pfaff spoke in regard to the team pages on the school’s athletic Web site and outlined efforts to refine/improve the pages. He also urged the coaches to do as much as possible to help promote athletes and the school. And he said he would like to add a feature page dedicated to Alumni on what graduated former athletes are doing.

Dean of Students Denise Macrina discussed possible discipline issues and uniform regulations.  Club sports and the non-athletic competitive sports were recognized, and use of the school’s facilities was reviewed.

Xavier’s outstanding athletic trainer, Laurie White, played a video on bloodborne pathogens and outlined her duties and those of her staff members. She also led a post-lunch refresher course on CPR with assistance from husband Chris White, the head athletic trainer at Brophy Prep, and Xavier assistants Hannah Gray and Katie Kendall.

A representative from the Positive Coaching Alliance had an in-depth presentation on various issues the coaches must deal with, in terms of motivation of athletes, and ways to guide them with a positive approach.

All of these pieces of the puzzle will be put into motion soon as the 2018-19 school year begins, so let’s continue to build on the school’s history of excellence!!

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