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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

At Xavier, it's always "Women in Sports Day'

The National Women’s Sports Foundation has made today (Feb. 6) the 33rd annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

The slogan is, “Lead Her Forward.’’

What better place to see how much this means is right here at Xavier College Prep, where not only sports, but academics, is a daily thread woven throughout the campus and community.

That is why Xavier’s mission is Women of Faith Pursuing Excellence.

The school has had numerous sports stars over the years and more this year, and will have even more as time goes on.

All the girls in all the sports put every ounce of energy they can in pursuing victory with honor.

You can see it in the games, maybe even more so in practices. You can see it on their faces, the smiles and tears of joy when they win and hugs and emotional support for each other when things don’t go as well.

I am constantly amazed by how much these young ladies mean to each other.

The coaches also are a big part of the equation. Their leadership and encouragement is an example for their athletes to follow.

If you haven’t done so lately, tell your athletes and all the students how much you appreciate them. Brighten someone’s day.

Go Gators!!

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