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Friday, October 11, 2019

Badminton maintains top 8 power points spot

Xavier Prep’s badminton team maintained a spot in the top eight in the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s Division I power points listing with a 7-2 victory over visiting Chandler High on Thursday (Oct. 10).

Xavier (7-5) was seventh as of midday on Friday (Oct. 11).

The Gators have two more regular-season matches remaining, Wednesday (Oct. 16) against Mesa Skyline at home (make-up of an Oct. 9 match) and Thursday (Oct. 17) at Phoenix Desert Vista in Ahwatukee.


Xavier Prep 7, Chandler High 2


Katherine Chou, C, def. Sophie Riviere, X, 21-17, 21-15; Mayse Dunn, X, def. Alana Alfredo, C, 25-23, 21-17; Lina Vanderwey, X, def. Mattie Shumaker, C, 23-25, 21-19, 21-13; Zoe Barton, X, def. Evelyn Gomez, C, 21-10, 21-13; Alex Kockinis, X, def. Katherine DeDakis, C, 21-11, 21-7; Lauren Etsitty, X, def. Tegan Sanders, C, 21-14, 20-22, 21-16.


Vanderwey-Dunn, X, def. Alfredo-Chou, C, 21-12, 21-5; Shumaker-Isabel Honzay, C, def. Riviere-Barton, X, 21-14, 21-16; Kockinis-Etsitty, X, def. Gomez-DeDakis, C, 21-9, 21-17.

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