DON KETCHUM is a native of Phoenix. He was a sportswriter for The Arizona Republic/The Phoenix Gazette for nearly four decades. He covered high school sports on several occasions as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State sports. From 2008-14, he was a staff writer for, the web site of the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Media outlet lists Xavier athletics' "Forever Five''

The Arizona Republic and recently began a new high school sports feature project called the “Forever Five,’’ where the media outlet selects the top five athletes in the history of each Arizona school.

Xavier Prep’s list was announced on Sunday (May 31). The lists were chosen by the media outlet’s staffers.

The top Gators were No. 1 Heather Farr (1982 graduate), a star golfer who passed away after battling cancer in 1993, No. 2 Victoria Palmer (Heinicke, 1963) in tennis, No. 3 Amanda Blumenherst (Freiman, 2005) in golf, No. 4 Jeanne Collier (Sitzberger, 1964) in diving, and No. 5 Stephanie Rothstein (Bruce, 2002) in cross country.

For a closer look at these outstanding competitors, go to

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