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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Eye of the Tiger becomes Run of the Gators

 Xavier Prep flooded two divisions with a combined total of close to 40 runners on Saturday (Oct. 24) in the Eye of the Tiger cross-country invitational at Marana High School, near Tucson.

The Gators had four of the top 10 finishers in the 5K Varsity Gold race, led by senior Jamie Stelnik in the No. 2 spot with a time of 18:41.6. And XCP had three more in the second 10.

In the 5K Open race, Xavier had eight of the top 10 finishers, including winner Charlotte McClelland. The junior covered the route in 20:55.8. Xavier had six finishers in the second 10, four in the third 10 and two in the fourth 10.

All in all, it was a very good day for the Gators, who will compete in the Division I Southwest Section race on Nov. 5 at the Rose Mofford Sports Complex in north Phoenix. That event serves as the lead-in to the state meet, which runs one week later on Nov. 12 at Crossroads Park in Gilbert.

Xavier results

5K Varsity Gold

Jamie Stelnik, Sr., 2nd, 18:41.6; Hannah Wheeling, Jr., 5th, 19:33.3; Tatum Goforth, Jr., 6th, 19:39.8; Catherine Alaimo, Jr., 7th, 20:04.1; Holland Carey, So., 11th, 20:29.1; Kaime Morales, Jr., 20:45.4; Naomi Young, So., 16th, 20:59.2.

5K Open

Charlotte McClelland, Jr., 1st, 20:55.8; Erika Germinario, Jr., 2nd, 21:15.0; Maria Benitez, Jr., 3rd, 21:24.2; Sophia Maroufkani, Fr., 21:47.5; Sophie Healy, Sr., 5th, 22:01.1; Grace McClelland, So., 6th, 22:41.2; Sejal Patel, Fr., 7th, 22:44.0; Summer Goodman, Fr., 10th, 22:51.2; Calista Flick, So., 11th, 22:57.7; Briony Campisi, Jr., 12th, 22:58.8; Olivia Charles, So., 13th, 23:02.6; Cassara Ryan, So., 15th, 23:22.9; Bella Titus, So., 18th, 23:44.5; Madison Gould, Fr., 19th, 23:59.6; Emily Manuelito, So., 20th, 24:03.8; Alma Melendez, So., 25th, 24:29.9; Barbara Paez, So., 27th, 25:11.3; Grace Teevan, Jr., 29th, 25:23.7; Marissa Mansour, Jr., 31st, 25:30.8; MK Fairbanks, Jr., 25:46.9.

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