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Friday, April 23, 2021

Gators like "Dutch'' track & field very much

 The Xavier Prep track and field team had an effort in the Fr. Harry “Dutch’’ Olivier Friendship Invitational on Wednesday (April 21) and Thursday (April 22) that might be considered one of the team’s best of the season.

A good time for it, to be sure, with the Division I state meet approaching on May 12 and 15.

Xavier tallied 158 points to sit atop of the team list. Phoenix Desert Vista was next with 110, followed by Gilbert Williams Field with 101 ½, Phoenix Mountain Pointe with 85 ½, Waddell Canyon View with 82, Phoenix Barry Goldwater with 19, Chandler Hamilton with 6, Phoenix St. Mary’s with 5 and Maricopa High with 1.

In the event at the Brophy Sports Campus, Xavier had athletes compete in two divisions – the Invitational and the Open.

Xavier had a number of first-place finishers.

Invitational – Lordes Lauterborn (high jump), Reyna Silva (1,600-meter run) and Naomi Young (800-meter run).

Open – Tatum Goforth (1,600-meter run) and Jamie Stelnik (3,200-meter run).

Complete Xavier results

Invitational high jump – Lordes Lauterborn, 1st, 4-08 (fewer misses); Mackenzie Lopez, 2nd, 4-08.

Invitational shot put – Callie Ehmann, 4th, 24-00; Layla Torres, 9th, 20-06; Rylie Wood, 12th, 19-10; Aubrey Clark, 13th, 19-07.

Open shot put – Elena Soderstrom, 3rd, 27-07; Bethany Barnwell, 4th, 25-04.

Invitational 4x800 relay – Xavier “B” 1st, 11:20.24; Xavier “A’’ 2nd, 11:34.56.

Open 4x800 relay – Xavier “A’’ 4th, 11:33.50.

Invitational 100-meter hurdles – Grace McClelland, 9th, 20.08; Morgan Finch, 11th, 20.55.

Open 100-meter hurdles – Mia Portillo, 2nd, 20:29.

Invitational 100-meter dash – Madigan Moran, 3rd, 13.37; Bella Gomez, 5th, 13.65; Ava Sharett, 11th, 13.90.

Open 100-meter dash – Reese Brown, 6th, 14.21; Kylie Graf, 8th, 14.27.

Invitational 1,600-meter run – Reyna Silva, 1st, 5:46.88; Olivia Charles, 2nd, 5:58.53; Summer Goodman, 3rd, 6:08.23; Emily Manuelito, 4th, 6:11.86.

Open 1,600-meter run – Tatum Goforth, 1st, 5:22.53; Hannah Wheeling, 2nd, 5:25.23; Macarthy Mahoney, 3rd, 5:26.10; Catherine Alaimo, 4th, 5:33.99; Karime Morales, 6th, 5:57.17.

Invitational 400-meter run – Lordes Lauterborn, 2nd, 1:02.88; Bella Gomez, 3rd, 1:03.91; Kylie Graf, 6th, 1:05.89; Reese Brown, 7th, 1:05.96.

Open 400-meter run – Callie Ehmann, 5th, 1:05.87; Grace Kline, 9th, 1:06.79; Sejal Patel, 10th, 1:08.73.

Invitational 300-meter hurdles – Tatiyana Angry, 2nd, 49.42; Collins Entz, 5th, 52.68; Morgan Finch, 9th, 55.06; Grace McClelland, 12th, 1:03.56.

Open 300-meter hurdles – Mia Portillo, 5th, 54.80; Cecilia Yanes, 7th, 1:01.50.

Invitational 800-meter run – Naomi Young, 1st, 2:31.80; Lily Beaver, 2nd, 2:33.87; Reyna Silva, 5th, 2:43.11; Maya Nagaraj, 9th, 2:50.41.

Open 800-meter run – Ansley Burns, 3rd, 2:31.94; Catherine Alaimo, 5th, 2:35.80; Macarthy Mahoney, 6th, 2:36.73.

Invitational 200-meter dash – Madigan Moran, 2nd, 27.63; Ava Sharett, 7th, 28.39.

Open 200-meter dash – Cierra Gonzalez, 6th, 28.91; Grace Kline, 11th, 30.47; Audrey Schaub, 14th, 31.93.

Open 3,200-meter run – Jamie Stelnik, 1st, 11:36.99; Erika Germinario, 8th, 14:05.99.

Invitational 4x400 relay – Xavier “B’’, 1st, 4:11.21; Xavier “A’’. 3rd, 4:26.54.

Invitational javelin – Callie Ehmann, 2nd, 75-04; Rylie Wood, 5th, 63-08.

Open javelin – Bethany Barnwell, 6th, 68-05; Elena Soderstrom, 7th, 66-09.

Open pole vault – Avery Allen, 3rd, 10-00.

Invitational discus – Rylie Wood, 4th, 69-10; Aubrey Clark, 10th, 51-00; Layla Torres, 14th, 43-01.

Open discus – Elena Soderstrom, 3rd, 81-03; Bethany Barnwell, 4th, 77-09.

Open heptathlon – Ellie Higgins, 6th 3,371 points; Cierra Gonzalez, 8th, 2,579; Illiana Kockinis, 9th, 1,885; Sofia Asher, 10th, 1,832.

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