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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Xavier's cross-country stampede is impressive

 It wasn’t a thundering herd of buffalo, but a thundering herd of Gators, Xavier Prep-style, that competed in the first cross-country meet of the 2021 season, the Peaks Invitational at Buffalo Park in Flagstaff on Saturday (Sept. 4).

And Xavier had a very good showing, winning as a team and the top individual, junior Reese Brown, in the Open 5,000-meter Run.

In the higher-level 5,000-meter Run,  Xavier finished in fourth place in the team standings. The top finisher was senior Tatum Goforth, in the No. 6 spot.

Xavier will run again on Sept. 11 with junior/senior and freshman/sophomore races in the Fountain Hills Invitational at Fountain Hills Park.

Xavier results

5,000-meter run (109 runners)

Tatum Goforth, Sr., 6th, 21:52.90; Macarthy Mahoney, Sr., 11th, 22:15.50; Catherine Alaimo, Sr., 14th, 22:25.30; Karime Morales, Sr., 23rd, 23:18.70; Hannah Wheeling, Sr., 28th, 23:45.10; Reyna Silva, Jr., 32nd, 23:54.10; Summer Goodman, So., 34th, 24:07.40.

Team scores

Phoenix Desert Vista 83, Flagstaff High 117, Flagstaff Coconino 128, Xavier Prep 134.

Open 5,000-meter run (196 runners)

Reese Brown, Jr., 1st, 22:47,80; Lily Beaver, So., 3rd, 23:26.00; Cassara Ryan, Jr., 9th, 24:20.70; Sarai Arkeveld, Jr., 10th, 24:26.10; Nora Hinkle, Jr., 13th, 24:31.20; Kylie Graf, Jr., 16th, 24:43.80; Erika Germinario, Sr., 21st, 24:54.90.

Charlotte McClelland, Sr., 24th, 25:10.00; Bella Titus, Jr., 25th, 25:13.10; Olivia Charles, Jr., 26th, 25:16.20; Marissa Mansour, Sr., 28th, 25:21.20; Bella Gomez, So., 30th, 25:41.00; Alma Melendez, Jr., 32nd, 25:44.30; Maya Nagaraj, So., 37th, 25:58.90.

Calista Flick, Jr., 42nd, 26:23.50; Briony Campisi, Sr., 45th, 26:37.90; Adelaide Luna, So., 52nd, 26:59.50; Emily Manuelito, Jr., 54th, 27:01.30; Jimena Gutierrez, So., 57th, 27:11.00; Sophia Corona, So., 71st, 27:38.00; Susan Findlay, So., 84th, 28:29.40.

Team scores

Xavier Prep 36, Flagstaff High 47, Phoenix Desert Vista 73.

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