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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Update: full XCP swim, dive results vs. Verrado

 The Xavier Prep swimmers and divers picked up another dual meet victory on Thursday (Sept. 30) at the Brophy Prep Aquatic Complex, 98-85 over Buckeye Verrado.

Xavier coach Glen Coy said the Xavier winners included Gracie Munk in the 200-yard individual medley and the 500-yard freestyle, Hope Nolan in the 100-yard butterfly, Claira Chong in 1-meter diving, and Munk, Nolan, Carter Cook and Lainey Weiland in the 400-yard freestyle relay.

Xavier’s next meet will be Oct. 14 at Chandler Hamilton.

Full Xavier results

Xavier Prep 98, Verrado 85

200-yard medley relay -- XCP "A" 2nd, 1:53.05 (Gracie Munk, Ava Gill, Hope Nolan, Lainey Wieland); XCP "B" 3rd, 2:01.06 (Grace Hull, Lola Lysak, Carter Cook, Dylan Miller).

200-yard freestyle -- Daisy Maldonado, 2nd, 2:07.58; Bella Guerra, 4th, 2:13.40; Maddie Siordian, 5th, 2:20.16.

200-yard individual medley -- Gracie Munk, 1st, 2:14.94; Grace Hull, 2nd, 2:22.57.

50-yard freestyle -- Dylan Miller, 3rd, 26.17; Carter Cook, 4th, 26.59; Elle Edwards, 5th, 28.24.

100-yard butterfly -- Hope Nolan, 1st, 59.75; Grace Hull, 3rd, 1:02.73; Krista Tymkiw, 5th, 1:07.09.

100-yard freestyle -- Claire Douglas, 2nd, 1:00.23; Cassie Worth, 3rd, 1;01.32; Ava Gill, 4th, 1:01.63.

500-yard freestyle -- Gracie Munk, 1st, 5:15.59; Carter Cook, 4th, 5:43.82; Bella Guerra, 5th, 5:50.09.

200-yard freestyle relay -- XCP "A", 2nd, 1:43.90 (Hope Nolan, Daisy Maldonado, Grace Hull, Claire Douglas); XCP "B", 3rd, 1:52.82.

100-yard backstroke -- Dylan Miller, 2nd, 1:04.58; Sophia Sweatlock, 4th, 1:09.23; Lainey Wieland, 5th, 1:10.67.

100-yard breaststroke -- Ava Gill, 2nd, 1:13.83; Claire Douglas, 4th, 1:17.40; Lola Lysak, 5th, 1:21.94.

400-yard freestyle relay -- XCP "A", 1st, 3:52.12 (Gracie Munk, Hope Nolan, Carter Cook, Lainey Wieland); XCP "B", 2nd, 4:01.31 (Daisy Maldonado, Dylan Miller, Bella Guerra, Elle Edwards).

1-meter diving -- Claira Chong, 1st, 186.45 points; Anastasia Bhatti, 3rd, 134.18.

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