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Friday, October 8, 2021

Successful XCP runners still swarm countryside

 X’s and Oh’s were spread all across the cross-country scoreboard in Friday’s (Oct. 8) Titan Invitational at Crossroads Park in Gilbert.

X’s meaning Xavier and Oh’s meaning, “Oh, they are at it again!!’’

Indeed, the Gators were at the top of their game in this one, winning three divisions (Girls’ 5K Freshmen I & II, Girls’ 5K Open I & II and Girls’ 5K Varsity I & II).

Xavier’s 15 points were tops among the Freshmen, its 46 led the Open (Flagstaff High second) and its 48 led the Varsity (Queen Creek Casteel second).

The Gators had two individual winners, sophomore Lily Beaver in the 5K Open I & II and Maggie Mostoller in the Freshmen I & II. Beaver had a time of 21:08.5 and Mostoller had a time of 23:10.1.

In all, Xavier was represented by 38 runners.

The Gators are tentatively scheduled to participate in an invitational honoring Tucson area athletic administrator John Gleeson on Oct. 16 at the Rolling Hills Golf Course in Tucson.

Friday’s Xavier results

Titan Invitational @ Crossroads Park, Gilbert

Freshman Division I & II 5K

Maggie Mostoller, 1st, 23:10.1; Karina Zavieri, 4th, 24:07.7; Ellie Hilsabeck, 6th, 24:50.9; Lily Bourque, 7th, 25:58.7; Elle Houle, 8th, 24:59.5.

Open Division I & II 5K

Lily Beaver, So., 1st, 21:08.5; Summer Goodman, So., 2nd, 21:18.4; Reyna Silva, Jr., 3rd, 21:40.2; Cassara Ryan, Jr., 4th, 21:44.5; Bella Gomez, So., 6th, 21:56.2; Nora Hinkle, Jr., 7th, 22:01.3; Erika Germinario, Sr., 8th, 22:14.7; Sofia Maroufkani,  So., 11th, 22:35.3.

Marissa Mansour, Sr., 13th, 22:47.9; Alma Melendez, Jr., 15th, 22:52.4; Kylie Graf, Jr., 16th, 22:59.3; Bella Titus, Jr., 17th, 23:01.9; Briony Campisi, Sr., 18th, 23:07.9; Maya Nagaraj, So., 19th, 23:11.2; Olivia Charles, Jr., 21st, Barbara Paez, Jr., 24th, 23:50.5.

Calista Flick, So., 25th, 23:54.3; Sophia Corona, So., 26th, 24:04.0; Jimena Gutierrez, So., 29th, 24:45.5; Arianna Thompson-Bueno, So., 30th, 24:46.1; Susan Findlay, So., 31st, 24:46.4; Charlotte McClelland, Sr., 32nd, 24:57.0; Ashley Stelnik, Jr., 33rd, 25:01.1; Adelaide Luna, So., 35th, 25:13.7; Grace Teevan, Sr., 42nd, 27:19.6; Zoe Lopez, So., 50th, 29:27.1.

Varsity Division I & II 5K

Tatum Goforth, Sr., 6th, 19:57.9; Hannah Wheeling, Sr., 8th, 20:06.7; Catherine Alaimo, Sr., 10th, 20:18.2; Reese Brown, Jr., 14th, 20:43.0; Macarthy Mahoney, Sr., 17th, 20:48.2; Karime Morales, Sr., 21st, 21:08.4; Naomi Young, Jr., 48th, 23:12.6.

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