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Monday, November 22, 2021

Xavier archers have clear focus in tournament

 Forty-three Xavier archery athletes gathered last weekend for the November state qualifier event.

Some archery competitions have resorted to virtual events, but this was in person. There were 20 other schools in addition to Xavier, with 307 archers from across the state, according to coach Kelsey Gerchar.

One of the top Xavier efforts was by a new archer, Olivia Fisko, who took second place in the Female High School Division for 3D with a score of 267.

Xavier had four archers finish in the top 10 in 3D, and four in the top 10 of the Bullseye category.

The top 3D archers were 5th-place Alexa Ojeda (257 with 10 tens), sixth-lace Ana Bhatti (257, 5 tens), 8th-lace Evelynn Papez (253, 6 tens) and 10th-place Adela Campo (251, 10 tens).

The top Bullseyes archers were 5th-place Felicia FitzGerald (271 with 9 tens), 6th-place Isabella Beninato (264, 11 tens), 7th-place Ana Bhatti (263, 7 tens) and 8th-place Adela Campo (262, 12 tens).

Congratulations to these great Gator archers!!

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