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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Track & field athletes show pride, strength

 It was a busy weekend for the track and field athletes from Xavier Prep, who competed in two meets, the Red Mountain Rampage at Mesa Red Mountain on Friday (March 25) and the annual Chandler Rotary Invitational on Saturday (March 26) at Chandler High.

The Gators will split time between two meets on Friday (April 1), the Ron Smith Classic at Phoenix Shadow Mountain and the Becky Matthews Invitational for freshmen and sophomores at Phoenix Desert Vista in Ahwatukee.

Nike Chandler Rotary Invitational

Saturday (March 26) @ Chandler High

Xavier Prep results

4x400-meter relay – XCP “A” 4th, 4:01.59.

Long jump – Cierra Gonzalez, 6th, 17-00.

Pole vault – Avery Allen, 3rd, 11-09.

100-meter dash – Marley Stoller, 20th, 13.08.

100-meter hurdles – Mackenzie Lopez, 4th, 16.63; Ellie Higgins, 33rd, 19.23.

400-meter dash – Bella Gomez, 5th, 59.86; Mia Stoller, 10th, 1:00.77.

800-meter run – Tatum Goforth, 14th, 2:22.30.

1,600-meter run – Catherine Alaimo, 16th, 5:32.46; Kylie Graf, 24th, 5:40.34; Reese Brown, 35th, 5:32.98.

4x800-meter relay – XCP “a’’ 10th, 10:26.02.

High jump – Cierra Gonzalez, 5th, 5-00; Ellie Higgins, 11th, 4-08.

Javelin – Elena Soderstrom, 40th, 76-11; Ellie Higgins, 42nd, 76-05.

Discus – Elena Soderstrom, 26th, 86-02.

Mile run – Reese Brown, 36th, 5:45.34.

Red Mountain Rampage

Friday (March 25), @ Mesa Red Mountain

Xavier Prep results

100-meter dash – Madigan Moran, Jr., 7th, 13.09; Maya Ofori, So., 10th, 13.11.

400-meter dash – Julianne Veloria, Jr., 4th, 1:01.08.

Elite 1,600-meter run – Maggie Mostoller, Fr., 12th, 5:54.58.

Seeded 1,600-meter run – Macarthy Mahoney, Sr., 1st, 5:48.06; Alma Melendez, Jr., 9th, 6:01.48; Emily Manuelito, Jr., 17th, 6:18.40; Olivia Charles, Jr., 24th, 6:28.75.

Seeded 3,200-meter run – Sophia Maroufkani, So., 9th, 4:36.16; Adelaide Luna, So., 15th, 15:47.29.

Elite 300-meter hurdles finals – Kaira Burrage, So., 9th, 50.04.

Elite 4x800-meter relay – XCP 10th, 11:26.88.

Seeded high jump – Illiana Kockinis, So., 7th, 4-06; Sofia Asher, Sr., 19th, 4-00.

Elite long jump – Ellie Higgins, Sr., 15th, 15-03 ½; Riley Ward, Jr., 16th, 14-11 ½.

Seeded long jump – Gabriella Isaac, Fr., 1st, 16-07 ½; Vivian Amoia, Fr., 4th, 15-05 ½; Annette Gbekia, So., 22nd, 14-02.

Seeded triple jump – Sofia Asher, Sr., 7th, 30-11.

Seeded discus – Aymara Ubom, So., 14th, 68-05; Callie Ehmann, Jr., 25th, 59-07; Emily Alaimo, So., 42nd, 50-04.

Elite javelin – Callie Ehmann, Jr., 16th, 67-02.

Seeded javelin – Riley Ward, Jr., 1st, 89-7; Illiana Kockinis, So., 28th, 54-03; Sofia Asher, Sr., 39th, 45-02.

Elite shot put – Ellie Higgins, Sr., 17th, 25-10  ½.

Seeded shot put – Ellie Higgins, Sr., 4th, 27-01; Callie Ehmann, Jr., 23rd, 23-07; Lis Montoya, So., 28th, 22-07; Aymara Ubom, So., 36th, 21-4 ½.

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