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Monday, October 31, 2022

Gators rule in the pool, state is coming up

 If you were looking for a spot to gear up for the state Division I chamoionship swimming and diving you needn’t have looked any farther than the Brophy Prep Aquatic  Center.

On Saturday (Oct. 29) the annual AMDG Invitational took place and Xavier Prep’s Gators rolled up a 530-point effort to win the event, which consisted of nine teams. Queen Creek Casteel was second with 360 and Phoenix Pinnacle was third with 256.

Now Xavier appears to be primed for a solid showing at the state meet, on Saturday (Nov. 5) at the Skyline Aquatic Center in east Mesa (2:30 p.m. start time). Diving finals will be held on Saturday at the Phoenix Country Day School at10:25 a.m.

Xavier had four event winners – the 200-yard medley relay, senior Lainey Weiland in the 50-yard freestyle, sophomore Carter Cook in the 100-yard butterfly and junior Ava Gill in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Xavier results

200-yard medley relay – Xavier “A’’, 1st, 1:54.29 (Krista Tymkiw, Ava Gill, Carter Cook, Lainey Weiland); Xavier “B’’, 4th, 2:03.58 (Sophia Sweatlock, Sophie Villanueva, Brooke Person, Lola Lysak).

200-yard freestyle – Sophie Dumanski, Fr., 4th, 2:05.95; Audrey McEwen, Fr., 5th, 2:07.95; Kate Bierman, So., 7th, 2:10.36.

200-yard IM – Genevieve George, So., 2nd, 2:16.20; Krista Tymkiw, So., 4th, 2:20.65; Ava Gill, Jr., 5th, 2:23.97; Adriana Lauterborn, Fr., 6th, 2:26.83.

50-yard freestyle – Lainey Weiland, Sr., 1st, 25.45; Dylan Miller, Sr., 3rd, 25.68; Cassie Worth, Sr., 4th, 26:07; Lola Lysak, So., 7th, 26.82.

100-yard butterfly – Carter Cook, So., 1st, 1:00.00; Genevieve George, So., 2nd, 1:00.04; Raleigh Kaul, Fr., 6th, 1:06.23; Brooke Person, Jr., 7th, 1:06.60.

100-yard freestyle – Dylan Miller, Sr., 4th, 56.00; Lainey Weiland, Sr., 5th, 56.02; Corbin Smiley, Fr., 13th, 1:01.41.

500-yard freestyle – Sophie Dumanski, Fr., 4th, 5:37.27; Audrey McEwen, Fr., 5th, 5:39.24; Malena Lebedeff, So., 7th, 5:45.45; Bella Guerra, Jr., 9th, 5:53.92.

200-yard freestyle relay – Xavier “A”, 4th, 1:50.78 (Lola Lysak, Corbin Smiley, Malena Lebedeff, Audrey McEwen); Xavier “B”, 6th, 1:55.54 (Perla Akiki, Waverly Bagley, Maryn Day, Kate Bierman).

100-yard backstroke – Krista Tymkiw, So., 4th, 1:01.56; Cassie Worth, Sr., 5th, 1:03.00; Carter Cook, So., 8th, 1:07.18; Raleigh Kaul, Fr., 9th, 1:07.84.

100-yard breaststroke – Ava Gill, Jr., 1st, 1:09.90; Adriana Lauterborn, Fr., 7th, 1:14.36; Sophie Villanueva, Fr., 8th, 1:15.53; Bella Guerra, Jr., 10th, 1:16.55.

400-yard freestyle relay – Xavier “A”, 2nd, 3:42.62 (Lainey Weiland, Dylan Miller, Cassie Worth, Genevieve George); Xavier “B,” 5th (Brooke Person, Allie Weiland, Lola Lysak, Corbin Smiley).

Team scores

Xavier Prep 530, Queen Creek Casteel 360, Phoenix Pinnacle 256, Chandler Basha 228, Scottsdale Notre Dame Prep 199, Gilbert High 170, Gilbert Williams Field 63, Gilbert Mesquite 62, Flagstaff Northland Prep 7.

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